Garage Door Repair – Nicole D. Riverside, CA
Absolute Garage Doors – Riverside, CA helped me with my broken garage door spring. My garage door was not functioning properly for a long period of time, but I knew it was going to cost me an arm and a leg to fix. One day I saw their website on Google and it said they had affordable prices, so i gave them a call. The girl who answered the phone was very helpful and I was shocked to hear the price the broken spring was going to cost me. They even came out to my home the same day. I would recommend Absolute Garage Doors to all of my friends and family. Thanks Guys!!!

Garage Door Repair Sun City, CA

I needed a technician to fix my Garage door off track. My garage door was stuck and Absolute Garage Doors was able to fix the garage door the same day. The garage door was hit by a car, and it was inoperable. I was very pleased with the price, service performed, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs garage door care C.C Sun City. Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Spring Ontario, CA

I called stating my springs were broken. Absolute garage door staff was able to ask a few questions over the phone to help me find an approximate price for a spring replacement. They told me a broken spring is very common, and not to worry. It was something that could be repaired same day. After our spring replacement with Absolute, we were very pleased with their customer service representatives, the technicians appearance, attitude, and I was very pleased with the work that was preformed. M.D Ontario. Garage door broken Spring.

Garage Door Broken Spring Riverside, CA

I am a repeat Riverside customer that called about a broken spring. I had absolute replace my springs at a rental I have in Moreno Valley. I called, they were able to match the price they gave me at another job over a year ago. I was very pleased with their customer service. I heard my garage door spring snap, and I couldn’t lift the garage door open. Once I told them that, they knew what the problem was and were able to help me over the phone instantly. I am another happy customer in Riverside, CA. R.H. Riverside Broken garage door spring.

Garage Door Not Opening – Riverside, Ca.

I was referred to absolute garage doors by my neighbor.  My garage door would only open about 15 inches and then close. Esteban came the next day, and said my gear was stripped because my door was too heavy. I needed to have my springs replaced so the door wouldn’t be heavy anymore and get a new gear in my garage door opener. He called the office to help me out with the pricing and they gave me an affordable deal if I had both the springs and gear replaced. It took him a little less than two hours to do the job. My door is working! and I am happy they were out here to do an affordable job on the same call.  Garage Door Opener not opening Riverside CA. S.D

Garage Door Cables off – Whittier, Ca.

I found absolute garage doors online. I called and they answered my questions over the phone. I called other garage door places and some didn’t answer their phone, and some had no technical experience. I didn’t feel comfortable with those kinds of companies coming out. Absolute garage doors helped me a lot. My door came off the rails cause it got stuck when I was trying to close it.  My wife left broom in the track, and I didn’t see it. Nor did the genie safety sensors see it.  I was able to hand shut the door and put it back in the rail guards.  I couldn’t rewrap the side cables on the wheel for the springs.  So that’s when Absolute garage doors came to my house.  They already told me a price and they were committed to it when they came out.  I was satisfied with their work, and I will recommended and use them again. Thanks Absolute! Garage door cables off – Whittier Ca.  R.S

Garage Door Genie Opener Sensors – Lakewood Ca.

My husband used Absolute Garage Doors for a previous job. He gave me the number to call when our garage door would not close.  I needed someone ASAP because I could not leave the garage open the entire day!! They only had an opening 2 hours from the time I called.  I took it cause I needed them to fix it! They were very helpful over the phone and promised me a technician would be there in no time. When the technician arrived he was very prompt and diagnosed the issue within seconds. The genie sensors were damaged by water. I guess when they are damaged, the door thinks there is something in the way and won’t shut. He told me how much a new pair of sensors were AND he told me he could do the job NOW! I was so grateful he didn’t have to order anything. He pulled a new pair of sensors out of his truck. Within 30 minutes he was done and the opener was working again! I was very pleased at how fast they came out, their services, and professionalism I will definitely use them again. Lakewood Genie sensors not working – M.C