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Need a new Garage Door?

Follow these steps:

1) Measure the garage door opening. Door jamb to door jamb, cement to header. 16×7 is the most common size; however, not all 2 car garages are the same size. If the garage door opening is a different size, price will increase. (Minimum $135 for cut down)

Measure opening for garage door

2) Clearance on the inside. 6” of clearance on each side is needed for the track. 1 foot above the garage door on the header is needed. If you do not have the 1 foot clearance from the garage door all the way back towards the garage door motor, we made need to order a specialized track that will allow a the garage door to turn at a tighter radius on a low ceiling garage ($179 minimum for low head track.

3) Garage must be cleared at least 10 feet back left to right for garage door installation. No shelves can be in the way. No pool tables. No nonmoving cars. Garage needs to be cleared. Tech’s bring in everything inside the garage do install. We do not want to ruin the new door or damage any of your personal items.

4) Take pictures of inside of garage showing the back of garage door, the sides, and the top and email absolutegd@gmail.com or text to 951-202-8391.

5) Electricity needs to be available or a generator needs to be provided.

6) Installation will take minimum 3 hours.