Anaheim Garage Door Maintenance |Absolute Garage Doors – Anaheim, CA

Regular garage door maintenance can help with the longevity of your garage door. We provide affordable garage door maintenance throughout the Southern California area. We can help you maintain all types of garage doors, solve all of your mechanical problems, or simply help you get your garage door back on the track. Garage doors are prone to fall out of adjustment with daily use because of their sheer size. When this happens you may experience difficulty lifting and lowering the door. We have put together a Garage Door Maintenance Checklist to help you keep your garage door in tip top shape:

  • Start with a monthly visual inspection standing inside the garage door, with the door closed. Take a look over the garage door springs, rollers, cables, mounts, and sensors for signs of wear and tear.
  • Next would be a monthly balance test. If you have an automatic garage door, disconnect the automatic opener function. Then lift the door open manually, and the door should be easily opened, and closed. If the door is not easily opened or closed this is a sign the door may be out of balance.
  • Sensor Test! This is to make sure that the door will reverse when closing if someone, or something was to be in the way. With the garage door open, press the button on your remote or on the wall to close the garage door. Once the garage door is in the closing motion, use a long object (ex. broom stick) and wave it in front of the sensor. If the garage door reverses and starts to open again, your door has passed! If you door proceeds to close there may be an issue we need to take a look at.
  • Lubrication is something that is needed once or twice a year to the bearings, and ball bearing rollers.

Components of the garage door can come out of alignment, loosen, show signs of wear, or simply freeze up. All of these issues can lead to a very frustrating moment that we want to help our customers avoid. If you are having trouble with your garage door the safest option is to call a professional to come out, and assist you. Our customers safety is always our main priority. If you have a question or simply need some help with your garage door maintenance simply give us a call at (951)801-2558, or fill our our contact form below.