Can I replace just one garage door spring? – Riverside

Can I replace just one garage door spring? – Riverside

Spring Replacement – Riverside

When a garage door spring breaks, customers typically never know if they should replace both garage door springs and just the one garage door spring that broke. Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside at 951-801-2558 helps its customers decide.  While our professional technician is at your home, he can diagnose and see how old the garage door springs are. On MOST garage door torsion springs, there should be a year stamped on the cone of the spring. This will give us more of estimation if the both springs should be replaced or if the one that did not break is good to last a few more years. Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558 gives our customer all the facts and our professional opinion up front. For example, if the spring that did not break is 2 years old, we will advise not to change it right then; however, if the garage door spring is 7 years or older, we will highly recommend to change it. We explain the different scenarios and the long run of each for the garage door.  The garage door spring lifespan is 5-7 years. Any older, the garage door puts a lot of stress on the garage door motor because the door is too heavy. Garage door spring adjustments may help, but it does expedite the lifespan and could cause the spring to break sooner.

A garage door has many moving parts and with most of our services and repairs, we fully service the garage door and garage door motor. We also give all recommendations for future and garage door tips for our home owners to keep in mind all the time about their garage door.  We want our customer’s garage door to last as long as it can for them.  We are about honesty and quality.

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Featured Review/Testimonial:

Tabitha, T. Riverside,  CA


“Absolute Garage Doors came out because a spring had snapped. It was loud and I had never heard that loud boom before. We moved in the house in 2015 and had never had the springs break before. We did not know how old the garage door springs were.  Absolute Garage Doors came out and examined the springs. He said the springs had a year stamped of 2011. 6 years old. The technician advised us to change both springs. He gave us a discounted price if we changed both. It was a no brainer. He said he recommended us to change both since they were both the same age. The other spring could break tomorrow or next year. Not sure. The technician was able to a full complete service and tune up on the door at no additional cost. It made the door and the motor so much quieter. It glided smoother and at ease. The technician recommended to replace our plastic rollers with the neoprene ball bearing rollers for our garage door. He showed us the two different kind of rollers and explained the long run of the two. He wrote on the receipt and the price and how long the price would be valid to replace the rollers. They validate it a year. He showed us how to grease the garage door and check the balance and the weight of the garage door. So many tips and very helpful. We really appreciated his expertise and patients. Thanks Absolute!”