Are Garage Doors Steel or Aluminum? – Riverside, Ca

Are Garage Doors Steel or Aluminum? – Riverside, Ca

Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, Ca, 951-801-2558, sells steel sectional roll-up garage doors. The steel sectional roll-up door is the most popular type of garage doors installed in Southern California. There were some older garage doors that were aluminum one-piece garage doors. Those were the kind of garage doors that would swing out and tilt up on big giant hinges and springs on the side. Those are no longer available on the market. Also, there are wooden sectional garage doors that are custom made to fit and to our customer’s design that is available. However, about 80% of all homes have a steel sectional roll-up garage door. There are different styles and options available. Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, Ca, 951-801-2558 is ready to assist our customers in choosing the right garage door for their home. Every job is different and we are very personal with our customers and we are good at giving examples and hypothetical scenarios for our customer before they purchase their new garage door. For example, adding windows, which pattern of windows, frosting the glass, and why? Adding a motor, adding an emergency lock if power outage? Our opinions on what color would match the house, should the door be insulated for a garage if it is only going to be used for storage? There are so many key factors that make the decisions. It is a big decision and Absolute Garage Doors is here for our customers every step of the way to find the perfect garage door.


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Featured Review/Testimonial:

Tabitha, T. Riverside,  CA


“We had an old wooden swing up garage door that came with the house. We never changed it and it seemed to work. One day the big hinge on the side of the door broke off. I am not sure how it happened, but the garage door was lopsided. There was some type of bolt that was getting cut and ground every time the hinge would open and close the garage door. We finally agreed to get a new garage door. We were so unaware of the products and materials of new garage doors. We began calling and shopping with garage door companies. We did not need to be fancy or an expensive door. We just needed the basic. We were not sure what type of doors, we had assumed the garage doors were aluminum.  We were only finding steel sectional roll-ups. We came across the aluminum garage doors are very old. The garage door manufactures only use galvanized steel sectional roll-up doors.  We appreciated Absolute Garage Doors who took the time and showed us where we could get the right literature for the new garage doors we were interested in.  A technician was a lot of help, and came out and measured and let us know what had to be moved etc. They had the new garage door installed next day. Super fast and so easy to work with. We will recommend Absolute Garage Doors to everyone.”