Why garage door squeaks – Riverside Ca

Why garage door squeaks

A sectional roll up garage door is made of many different components. Most of the components are moving parts.  These moving parts create noise over time in use of the garage door. In order to keep these parts in great condition, the garage door needs annual service. Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558 can provide a basic garage door lube and tune for your garage door. Our preventive maintenance and lube and tune is a great service for a garage door that needs to be thoroughly diagnosed and tuned.

Preventive Maintenance for sectional roll up garage doors –

  • Full diagnosis of garage door and garage door motor with our 9 point inspection:
    inspect garage door spring balance, inspect rollers, inspect cables, inspect hinges, inspect garage door sections, inspect garage door motor pressure, inspect garage door sensors, inspect garage door track, and torsion tube/top bearings.

Lube and Tune for sectional roll up garage doors –

  • Lubrication of all bearings on garage door – ball bearing rollers, side bearing plates, center bearing.
  • Lubrication on all hinges.
  • Lubrication on garage door motor / opener rail (if needed)
  • Garage door motor adjustments (if needed)
    -Garage door spring adjustment (if needed)

Call Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside 951-801-2558 to have a professional technician give your door a checkup and a lube and tune.  Get the preventive maintenance before it is too late and your garage door takes a break down.

Featured Review/Testimonial:

Vicki D. Moreno Valley, CA

“Our garage door was SO LOUD! It was only 5 years old and it was nails on a chalk board when it opened and closed. We sprayed WD-40 constantly and it would only solve the problem for what felt like a day. It sounded like the wheels on the side were dragging against the rail tracks. We tried greasing the tracks with regular grease, and it still didn’t solve the problem. We found Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside online and they were able to come out same day. Technician was able give us a full diagnosis of our garage door. The garage door technician wiped off the grease on the rail tracks and replaced our garage door rollers. Our old garage door rollers were plastic wheels that were seized and did not roll anymore.  He then lubricated all the new white ball bearing rollers and the hinges with this white lithium grease. He adjusted the springs making the door lighter, but he did recommend we change springs when we can. He put white lithium grease on all of the bearings on the torsion system. He then made some adjustments on our garage door motor and also put white lithium grease on the chain drive part. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! We were shocked. My husband was so annoyed he could not fix it, but he was happy when it was fixed. The technician gave us a lot of tips and future recommendations for our garage door. We are glad they came out and were friendly and helpful. NOT TRYING TO SELL US ANYTHING. We will recommend Absolute Garage Doors to our neighbors and friends. Thanks Absolute!”