Where are garage door springs? Riverside,Ca

Where are garage door springs?

A lot of customers do not know they have springs on their garage door. The garage door springs on a roll up sectional garage door are not in plain sight. On a sectional roll up garage door, the garage door torsion springs are right above the closed garage door on the header. The majority of the time, the garage door springs sit on the outside of a long metal hollow pole or torsion tube. If you need garage door springs replaced, call Absolute Garage Doors 951-801-2558, and we can replace springs within a short period of time. If your garage door does not open or is really heavy, check the garage door springs to be sure they did not snap or there is a gap in between the large garage door spring. Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558, understands that customers need access and a working garage door every day. Because we understand our customer’s needs, we offer same day service for customers who most definitely need it. When a car is stuck inside garage, or the garage door is crooked or stuck half way because of the broken springs, and the garage is open, we know our customers need us ASAP. We are readily available.


Riverside Broken Spring

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Becca H. Riverside, (Mission Grove) CA


“So my garage door would not open! I needed to take trash out and the garage door would only open about 6 inches, stop, and then it would close again. We kept pushing the wall button and then trying to help the garage door open. It would not BUDGE! We found Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside and called them. They sent a technician out SAME DAY! We told the technician what was happening as we were walking out to the garage. As soon as we walked in, he looked up on the header above the door to find out our springs were broken. We never knew the new garage door style had springs too. There were two springs and both of them were broken. Our garage door is a double insulated door and it is so heavy. Our garage door motor is not able to lift a four hundred pound door. Technician gave us our price with a discount because we had to get two garage door torsion springs. He was able to lube and tune the entire garage door and the garage door motor. He did tell us we may have been using the garage door motor with one broken garage door spring. They are unlikely to go out at the same exact time. Tech told us to keep our eyes out on motor because it may have taking a lot of stress pulling a heavy door with 1 good spring. Now we know for the future years. Technician was so helpful and knowledgeable. WE were his last call for the night so he was able to talk to us about our garage door and garage door motor for a long time. We made note of everything. Thanks Absolute Garage Doors!”