When do you need a new garage door? – Riverside, Ca.

When do you need a new garage door? – Riverside, Ca.

Customers constantly ask questions like, “When do I need to get a new garage door?” or “How do I know if I need a new garage door?” All of the answers vary depending on situations. The garage door can have minor damage and still be in working condition. The garage door can be hit by a car and still be in working condition. The majority of the time, Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558, highly recommends replacing a garage door is when the metal on the sections or panels is too weak or torn. When the metal on the garage door section bends it creates a crack and spreads throughout the garage door sections. This causes the garage door to bow and get weaker. When the garage door gets weaker the garage door begins to bow in the weak spot when the garage door is open. Every time the garage door opens and closes the crack on metal bend more and more which cause it to spread and create a hole. Over time, the garage door gets weak. When the metal is torn on the garage door section, the garage door could buckle on one side causing the door to collapse and derail. This is when our customers would need a new garage door. When the metal on the garage door panel or section has cracks or big bends, it needs to be straighten and supported. When the bent garage door is supported, the crack no longer spreads. The customer needs to be proactive and examine their garage door. If garage door is hit or has a crack, call Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside at 951-801-2558 to have the existing garage door straightened and supported. This will prolong the life of the garage door and delay the need to having to get a new garage door. We offer over the phone estimates and same day services!

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Featured Review/Testimonial:

Shelly A. Riverside, CA

“About a year ago we hit our garage door with our car. We were still able to open and close it with the motor just fine, so we just left it. A few months later we heard the loud popping sound when we would open it and then we would close it, but it still worked. The section then started to hang lower and lower over time. We just didn’t park inside the garage anymore and we said we would just replace the door. A few months later we opened the garage door, and then it starting buckling and the rollers on the right side popped out. We could not shut the garage door; the garage door was just hanging.  We then called Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside at 951-801-2558, and they came out to install a new garage door. They did inform us that we could have made our old garage door last a much longer life if we treated the damage.  They could have put support struts on the garage door panels and that would have made the garage door last many more years. We now know any accident or damage with our garage door, we can contact Absolute Garage Doors at 951-801-2558 and they will give us recommendations and options.  We can even email or text in our pictures and they can give us free estimates. Thanks Absolute Garage Doors!”