What is garage door spring replacement? – Riverside

What is garage door spring replacement? – Riverside

A Garage Door Torsion Spring replacement is a simple and quick job for a professional garage door technician. By calling Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside 951-801-2558, we can schedule you a same day appointment. A garage door spring is a large coil that typically sits on a tube above a sectional garage door on the garage header. This garage door spring is fastened with set screws on the garage door torsion tube. When the garage door is opening or closing, the springs begin to cycle and this rotates the torsion tube. At both ends of the garage door torsion tube, there are two drums with cables connected; these garage door cables lift the garage door from the bottom section when opening. The garage door cables have no slack. They are tight and strong. When the torsion tube is balanced with the correct torsion springs, the tube rotates and take the weight of the door off of the garage door motor and opens at ease. When the garage door shuts, the tube turns again, winding the springs the opposite way; the tube balances the cables as gravity takes over when the garage door is shutting. Over time, approximately 5-7 years, garage door torsion springs get weak and may break. This is normal wear and tear. If not replaced, the garage motor could be over working lifting a heavy garage door. Call Absolute Garage Doors today at 951-801-2558 to have your garage door checked as a preventive maintenance service. You can find out today what is a garage door spring replacement is and why it is so crucial to your garage door.


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Featured Review/Testimonial:

Brittney W. Riverside, CA

“We never had our garage door springs replaced. We had our garage door installed a little over 7 years ago. Our motor was hesitating on opening our door in the early mornings when we would go to work. Closing was fine. No problems. Would shut easy and quickly. We thought we needed a garage door motor replaced. We came across Absolute Garage Doors who had same day services, on a Saturday. We booked an appointment with them with a low minimal service call and came out that afternoon. The technician released the garage door motor from the door and showed us how heavy the door was. It was so heavy and I could not lift it. My husband could but he struggled. The technician simply asked, “What if the power/electricity went out and your cars were inside the garage?” My husband and I stared at each other and both shrugged shoulders and mumbled, “Uh I don’t know”. Within 8 min we understood the entire garage door torsion system. We always thought the opener did ALL the work which in fact is false. The springs are everything to our door. The technician replaced the springs and we were able to open the garage door with one hand WITH NO PROBLEM! It was unbelievable. He did a few adjustments to the motor, which is now saved for the meantime. He estimates it would last another 5-10 years. We will have Absolute Garage Doors check our door annually and adjust the garage door and motor if need. We want to have the longevity of our garage door.  We appreciate their quickness, knowledgeable information, professionalism, and honesty. Thanks Absolute Garage Doors!”