Garage Door Opener Bracket – Riverside

Garage Door Opener Bracket – Riverside

Is your Garage Door having trouble opening with the garage door motor? Is your top section panel damaged from trying to open? You may need what is called a garage door opener bracket. Call Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside 951-801-2558 to learn more and get free over the phone estimates. There is a little bracket that connects the garage door to the garage door opener and can sometimes be ripped off. This may happen when the garage door is too heavy or if the garage door is in a stuck position. The garage door opener only can pull in a small area of the garage door. There is a solution instead of replacing the entire garage door top section which can be very expensive. Our heavy duty opener bracket goes from the top section to the bottom of section to distribute the pull lifting area. This is a common repair and is fixed at a reasonable and fast rate. Our technicians are well trained and will be sure to diagnose and find what caused this problem to the customers’ door to help them prevent it from happening again. Maybe a garage door spring adjustment will help, a garage door spring replacement maybe the garage door tracking is too close and is pinching garage door, maybe the garage door caught on outside object when going up and that caused the garage door to stick while the garage door motor tried to force it open. There are many different scenarios, and we are here to help you. Call Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, Ca. today! 951-801-2558. We offer same day service. Ask us about our Military and Senior discounts.

Featured Review/Testimonial:

Sandra B. Riverside, CA

“Our garage door got stuck with the track locking mechanism for the garage door. My son accidentally locked it while the garage door was still engaged into the garage door motor. I had no idea he had done this. Yesterday morning, I tried opening the garage door with the wall button. And nothing happened. So I pushed and held down the garage door motor wall button and rip. The entire sheet metal piece that is on garage door ripped because the door was manually locked into the side track. I thought I had to get a whole new door, but thankfully when I called Absolute Garage Doors, they helped me immediately. I emailed their office a picture of my issue. They called me back with a quote fast. They offered same day service and I booked an appointment for that afternoon. They were so professional and really helped me. The quote was exactly as they stated and they did a full diagnose on the door. Technician explained everything to me and gave me a couple recommendations to think about in the future for my garage door. They put a sticker on the garage door so I would not forget them. Cleaned everything when job was finished. I appreciated that a lot with them.  I will definitely recommend them to anyone. Thanks Absolute Garage Doors!”


Riverside Garage Door opener bracket