Liftmaster Jackshaft 8500 & Torsion Spring System Riverside

Liftmaster Jackshaft 8500 & Torsion Spring System Riverside

An obsolete garage door motor and spring system can be a headache when one malfunctions the other cannot always operate. Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558, can help with this garage door issue. A Wayne Dalton iDrive garage door motor is an opener that is built within a spring system called a torque master system. This combination is difficult to work with when something breaks. If the Wayne Dalton garage door motor breaks and needs to be replaced, the entire motor AND entire torque master spring system have to be replaced. If one or even both springs break inside the torque master system, the entire spring system AND the entire garage door motor have to be replaced. The idrive and torque master system is not ideal for most of our customers. Our customers are looking to spend LESS money in the LONG run. Our customers are looking for the most economical and most efficient way to live.

In order to do so, we offer a similar way that is MUCH easier to work with. Absolute Garage doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558, offers our customers the professional unit, Liftmaster Jackshaft 8500 which is installed separately onto the torsion spring system.  This garage door motor is installed on a torsion tube which turns / rotates the torsion tube to open and close the garage door. This torsion tube is where the garage door torsion springs are installed on, not in like the torque master system. This is easier for customers because the life spans of garage door springs is about 5-7 years. When the spring breaks, ONLY the spring has to be replaced. The garage door motor, nor the system, nor the other spring has to be replaced. Just the 1 spring that is broken.

This system saves our customers a lot of money in the long run. The torsion system and Liftmaster Jackshaft is more a convenient way for a garage door to operate.

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Featured Review/Testimonial:

Mason T. Riverside, CA

“We bought our home a few years ago. We never had a sectional roll up garage door before so we thought the idrive was common and usual. One day our garage door would not open. Our cars were stuck inside. We found Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558 online. They came our within a few hours. Right away they knew the problem. My wife and I had never dealt with this issue nor this type of garage door before. We explained to the technician we did not understand. Luckily he was patient and whipped out his phone and showed pictures of what is called a torque master idrive combo, and a torsion system with a jackshaft. He took his time explaining everything to us. It was a full garage door lesson. We asked more and more questions and he explained EVERYTHING with intelligence and being so courteous. It was a lot to take in. After everything we knew we had to get it done. He worked a deal with us since we were getting 2 big jobs done at once. He even gave us a military discount because of my wife. It took about 3 hours to complete everything. He made sure we had all the company’s information and wrote down a lot of information for us to refer back to. It was a lot to take in, but they made the entire scenario so smooth. Thank you Absolute Garage Doors!”