A Broken Garage Door Spring – Riverside

A Broken Garage Door Spring –  Riverside

A broken garage door spring can be so frustrating and always at the wrong time. Aren’t we right? Absolute Garage Doors offers COMPETITIVE pricing and SAME DAY SERVICES! Call us today 951-801-2558. A garage door with a broken garage door spring is a useless garage door. A garage door cannot open properly without a working spring. All garage doors have springs. One piece/single panel garage door springs, torsion springs, torque master springs. A garage door cannot operate without springs. We have all sizes for every type of garage door out there. There are different gauges that will fit the correct garage door based off of weight. Every garage door spring is well balanced to make sure the garage door is able to lift lightly. If an incorrect spring is installed on a specific garage door, then the garage door will either be too heavy to lift, or the garage door will not be able to close and feel forced to stay opened 100%. This can and will cause problems on a customer’s garage door motor/opener. A well balanced garage door is important when a garage door opener is lifting and closing a garage door. There are so many different types of garage doors. Different sizes, vinyl insulated, steel insulated, carriage style, wooden styles, different gauges, extra hardware support. All of these different options make up a different weight for a garage door. Garage door spring sizes are all matched to these and many more options. We here at Absolute Garage doors in Riverside at 951-801-2558 are professional experts and are able to match any garage door with the correct spring. Call us today to schedule a same day appointment. We accept VISA and Mastercard.

Riverside broken spring

Featured Review/Testimonial:

Kerri C. Riverside, Ca.

“Absolute Garage Doors installed our garage door back in 2010 here in Riverside. 7 years later 1 of our garage door springs broken. In half. When they installed it, they left their sticker on the back of the door. Called them up. Answered right away. I told them my issue and since I was a returning customer with a garage door I purchased with them, they were able to give me a ball park price over the phone. We scheduled a 2 hour window period of arrival for the next morning. The garage door technician called to confirm and arrived the next morning. He was polite, and helpful. A lot to explain and to inform us. The price was the same as they said over the phone the day before and they recommended on an annual lube and tune on the garage door. We took him up on the annual lube and tune right then and there and it more than half off. The door was a lot quieter and of course easy by hand. I know there is no stress on our garage door motor, which is what we use 99.9% of the time. Overall the entire job took about an hour from start to finish. We are very happy with our services with Absolute Garage Doors! Thanks Absolute.”

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