Fontana – How to Measure Garage Door Opening

Fontana – How to Measure Garage Door Opening

Need a new garage door? Call Absolute Garage Doors in Fontana, 951-801-2558. A garage door can come any size; however, not all sizes are the same price. A standard 16×7 is the most common size garage door and a 16×7 is considered a 2 car garage door. Although, not all houses with 2 car garages are the same size. A 2 car garage door could range anywhere from 14 feet to 20 feet long. Any size in between 14-20 feet can be considered a 2 car garage door, but not all sizes are the same price. Depending on the actual garage door measurements, price would vary. If you have an odd size garage door, you can call Absolute Garage Doors at 951-801-2558, to get an over the phone price estimate that can help determine the cost. We also will explain how to measure your garage door opening correctly. A lot of customers do ask and want to understand how to be thorough to get the correct measurement of their garage door opening. We direct them to the following picture:



Getting a clear message to as to how and what to measure your garage door opening is important.

Also, to know how to be sure there is clearance inside the garage is crucial. Most houses do have the roll-up sectional garage door with the tracks on the sides. However, not all do. The homes without garage door tracks that are seeking a new garage door need to be sure there is clearance for tracking on sides and torsion spring system on top. The following image can give a better idea of the inside of a garage for a new garage door. There needs to be 6” inches of clearance on each side of the door and 1 foot of clearance on the header for the torsion system. As follows in the next image:



garage door fontana

Measuring a garage door needs to be correct, if it is a different size, it could take up to 5-7 business days to have garage door installed because of the modification. By calling Absolute Garage Doors in Fontana, 951-801-2558, we can help you over the phone with an estimate and how to measure your garage door opening.

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Gerry M. Fontana, Ca

“Absolute Garage Doors was great with their customer service on my experience for a new garage door purchase. We called them and they helped me quickly. Gave me options, asked me what I would like with or on my door. They weren’t pushy and trying to sell. The only thing I needed to do to get an accurate price was to measure my door. She explained how to do it and asked questions that she needed to know to know what I had to do. She sent me to their website with pictures and explained how to measure and what to look for. Inside and outside of the garage. We had an odd size, 15’6”x7. To modify the door, it took a few days longer but it was okay. We added windows and a garage door opener. When they came out to retake measurements and write up the contract, the price stayed the same! They did as we said, didn’t try and sell us anything, but did give us options. 4 days later we had a new garage door installed and it was great! Thanks Absolute Garage Doors.”