Garage Door Opener Sensor Adjustment / Alignment – Riverside

Garage Door Opener Sensor Adjustment / Alignment – Riverside

Having a garage door opener safety sensor issue? Need to do an alignment or an adjustment on your garage door sensor? Call Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558. Visit our website, and watch our DIY videos to show you how to move and realign your garage door opener safety sensor. Those little lenses are moved with ease, and on. It can accidentally kicked, pushed with a broom, a trash can, and many other ways that can slightly interfere and cause in obstructed view.

When the sensor is out of alignment and or something is obstructing the view of seeing the other pairing sensor, the garage door will not close when engaged to the garage door opener. For example, if the garage door opener safety sensor has been moved an inch downwards, and is pointing too far down to the ground, and is not straight across to the paring sensor, the garage door motor will assume something is in the way and will not close. The newer brand names Chamberlain, Craftsman, and Liftmaster Professional garage door openers, have a sender and receiver sensor. They have one that is a green light, and one that is an amber light. The green lighted sensor is the receiver and the amber color is the sender. The amber colored light will always be on as long as it is connected and is a working sensor. The receiver, green light, will be off if there is an obstruction or if one or both of the sensors are out of alignment.

How will you know this? When the garage door is closing with the garage door motor, it will hesitate, stop, and re-track back up. The light bulbs inside the garage door motor cover will blink about 5-7 times and it will make a clicking sound. This is telling you, “There is something in the way. I cannot close the garage door.” MOST customers look at the front the door and see there is nothing in the way. They will try and close again, and same issue will happen. The garage door will hesitate, stop, retract, lights will blink, and click. It is important to be sure both lights are a steady solid color. It is important that both sensors can see eye to eye 100%. By calling Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558 we can help you and explain this confusing issue.


Watch this video to be informed on how to move garage door opener sensor.

Featured Review/Testimonial:

Wendy C. Riverside, Ca

“REPEAT CUSTOMER! We had our garage door springs replaced last year by Absolute Garage Doors. Just yesterday, my kids were outside moving some boxes for decorations and they hit the sensor. We had no idea why the garage door wouldn’t shut. We called the company who installed the garage door opener and they wanted to send someone out on a service charge of $75 and couldn’t come out for a week.  My husband called Absolute Garage Doors and told them our issue. Without even hesitating Amanda, knew the problem. She directed us to a video online from their company, and it explained it all. From start to finish. I am forever now a very loyal customer to them. They didn’t even install the garage door opener, didn’t have any warranty or anything on it because they didn’t install it. They just helped us within 5 minutes of their time, and saved us a service call for something so simple! Thanks Absolute Garage Doors!!”

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