Free Service Call with any Garage Door Service, Riverside.

Free Service Call with any Garage Door Service, Riverside.

A Garage Door Service Call of $39 is FREE with any Garage Door Service and or Repair.  Any garage door repair or service with Absolute Garage Doors, Riverside, 951-801-2558, can be completed same day or next day. We offer simple free estimates over phone for any replacements and some repairs. However, our service call fee of $39.00 is our diagnosis fee that will cover our technicians to find the garage door problem and give you an estimate before any work is started. This low service call fee will be applied to any working that is done at property. The service call covers the technicians professional expertise and diagnose on your garage door and or garage door opener problem. The technician will then have different options for you to choose and decide on. There are temporary fixes and permanent fixes that we are able to do same day on the spot. We want our customers to be happy and completely satisfied with our work done on their garage door and or garage door opener. All of our parts and labor on installing those parts are covered by a 1 year warranty with Absolute Garage Doors. Our service call goes towards any garage door service, repair, or installation. There are many different problems that you could have with your garage door. A garage door that is off track, a broken garage door spring, a new garage door opener, a new garage door, a garage door that is stuck, a garage door not opening, a garage door making too much noise, and MORE! Service Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558, is licensed and bonded.


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Featured Review/Testimonial:

Kirsten G. Riverside, Ca

“We heard about Absolute Garage doors through a neighbor, and we researched them online. They were quick to speak with, and set an appointment time. They gave us a ball park of what it would be to fix our garage door. When the technician came out to our property he looked at our garage door. It was off track and the coiled spring on top was broken. It was within the range the receptionist gave us over phone. We did a have bent section and he gave us options for future and did not try and sell us anything else we needed on the spot. He said we needed a brace that is called a support strut that will prevent the door to keep bending in the near future. I really appreciated it. He gave me an estimate on what it would be to get that job done. The garage door was fixed in about an hour and it was able to work perfectly fine with us, except that bent part. But it was able to open and close for now. We were terrified we were going to have to buy a whole new garage door. Absolute Garage Doors worked with us. Since we needed two different jobs, door derailing and springs, they gave us a good chunk off the total. We also received 10% off the springs as a senior citizen discount. Thanks Absolute Garage Doors!”

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