Garage Door Emergency Release Lock – Riverside

Emergency Release Lock on Garage Door Riverside

Getting locked out of your garage would be a nightmare. By having only one way access in your garage through the big garage door is crucial. What if the power went out? What if your garage door opener stopped working? What if you lost the garage door handheld remote? What if the garage door hand held remote stops working? What if the keyless entry pad outside your door had an issue? Having a backup plan is always key. By adding an emergency release lock to the top of the garage door, you could save so much agony and money. The emergency release lock can be installed on to any garage door, a one piece, a sectional, a wood garage door, or steel garage door. Being locked out of your garage is never something you plan for, but now you can, if you haven’t already. By calling Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558, we can inform you on these unforeseen tragedies. You can add an emergency lock release to you garage door at any point. The sooner, the better. This specialized secure lock comes with a set of keys and is easy to operate. The flush lock is placed on the outside of your garage door on the top section. Behind, is a long cable that is attached to your garage door opener.  In the time of an emergency, the key given will slide in the lock, and be turned. This lock with release and come out.  By pulling the entire lock out, the cable attached to it will be able to disengage the garage door opener from the door allowing you to open the door manually. After the garage door opener is repaired or replaced, be sure to reinstall the cable from the emergency release for the future. Call Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside today, 951-801-2558 to add an emergency lock to your existing garage door, or to add it to a new garage door order today!


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Featured Review/Testimonial:

Kelsey S. Riverside, Ca

“We had a power outage overnight. Car was stuck and our storage refrigerator full of groceries inside our garage was held hostage! We could not access any of it. We learned our lesson the hard way. The next morning our power turned on at 5 AM. However, we still were not able to get inside our garage. Our remote was not working. So. We called Absolute Garage Doors to have someone access the garage. They had to drill inside the garage door and fish through to get the red string to release it from the garage door and open it by hand.  Our technician was professional and knew exactly what he was doing. This must happen a lot. After our garage door was finally opened they installed the emergency lock right away. Our opener had a power surge and needed a new fuse. The power outage caused this failure. Absolute Garage Doors was able to fix it. After all was done, our car was free and we were able to get to our storage fridge. We now have the emergency release lock. We are grateful we didn’t have to bash in the garage door and replace it. Thank you Absolute Garage doors for being so fast and reasonable. We will HIGHLY recommend your company to anyone we know.”