Carriage Style Garage Door – Corona

Carriage Style Garage Door – Corona

Spring time is here… It is time to upgrade your home. A carriage style garage door can do that for you. Upgraded look can bring so much eye and curb appeal to your home. A carriage style garage door is the way to do it. We do carry the basic and simple garage doors and we offer different types of specialty garage doors that can give your home a modern look. For example, Wood look alike, and glass doors. Absolute Garage Doors in Corona, 951-801-2558 has all information you may need to make the decision on upgrading your garage door. We offer a carriage style garage door, which is the most common specialty door we offer. We have it in stock with a 1-2 business turn around. Now starting at $799, you can have an upgraded look on your home. There are many options for our carriage style. There 19 different window styles that can be placed in the garage door. There are insulated options, steel or vinyl backing that help with the weather. There are different colors to choose from, your preference. There are decorative hardware choices to add that can hype up the look. There are different variations on placing the hardware to door, double up on hardware, or only add hinges, only handles. Etc. The garage door decorative handles are only for looks, not meant to use to open and close garage door by hand. Absolute Garage Doors in Corona 951-801-2558 is readily available to help you make the best choice for your home. Choosing the right garage door is very important for that will be the door you have for the next 25 years. Call Absolute Garage Doors today to help you find what new garage door works for you.

Featured Review/Testimonial:

Karine W. Corona, Ca

Carriage Style Garage Door - Corona

“We found Absolute Garage Doors online and found their gallery where they had pictures of many different styles of garage doors. We originally wanted a wooden sectional garage door, but after shopping around and heard the pricing for that door we changed our minds. It was too expensive. $3,500++++. We noticed Absolute Garage Doors in Corona offered a wooden look alike garage door that was ¼ of the price! The reason we were on the market for this particular look was it made the house stand out and look so elegant. We came across other doors the company had to offer. We fell in love with the carriage style door with hardware. It was around the same price and the bright white looked better than the dark brown wooden color. So we gave them a call and they were able to send us more pictures of doors, and windows, break down the pricing, and give us ALL information we needed from start to finish of job. We are so very impressed with our purchase. Our door is beautiful on our home. It gives it such a great touch and keeps it so simple and modern. We are happy with using Absolute Garage Doors. We will recommend them to everyone we know! Thanks Absolute Garage Doors!”

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