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A broken garage door spring can be such a headache. Especially when you are trapped. A two car garage door with a single spring system is a trap. When the garage door spring breaks, your car and you are stuck inside. Absolute Garage Doors of Riverside, 951-801-2558 recommends always having a dual spring system on a two car garage door. After the life span of the garage door torsion spring, which is 5-7 years of, when it breaks, the use of the second non broken spring will allow you to open door and get your vehicle out or in the state of an emergency, you can still open the door with your help, the help of the garage door opener, and that second spring. Also by having a garage door dual spring torsion system, the garage door is better balanced when operating. One side of the garage door is not stronger than the other side, like when it is a single spring system. It is NOT necessary to replace a single spring with a dual spring right now, but we recommend when the single spring life time is up, to consider replacing it with the dual. By calling Absolute Garage Doors today at 951-801-2558, we can give you our professional advice over the phone and let you pick the best option for you. Don’t be trapped. Be prepared!

Riverside Garage Door Spring

Featured Review/Testimonial:

Charlotte C. Riverside, CA

“Our garage door would NOT open. It would slightly open about 2 inches and go back down. Then we realized our spring was broken in half. We called Absolute Garage Doors and without an emergency fee or anything, they came out at a reasonable price and replaced our garage door springs within 2 hours. Our van was stuck inside, so our kids had to carpool with neighbor. They gave us a quote over the phone and told us what the house charge would be. In and out within one hour. Quick and professional. They explained it would be better to replace our garage door spring system with a 2 spring system. So that way, when a spring does break, we have the help of one spring and the opener to get our car outside. Thanks Absolute!”