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A garage door off alignment is a nonworking garage door. A garage door can come off the tracks easily after a few minor issues. A broken spring, a loose cable, an object wedged inside the track, loss of tension, or even the garage door could have been opened too high. This can make the garage door become crooked and or lopsided and began to fall out of the tracks. If you happen to be in this situation, please contact Absolute Garage Doors of Riverside, 951-801-2558. We have professionals readily available in your area for this type of emergency that obviously needs immediate attention. This a dangerous situation when there is tension still on the torsion spring, and the steel cables on the side. Absolute Garage Doors of Riverside does advice not to trying to fix it alone without professional help. We have seen over the years of repairing these types of jobs for customers, is when customers try to fix the garage doors by themselves, the garage door is more damaged. The entire job becomes more complicated and more harm is done to the garage door. Customers do not understand the high tension the torsion springs have with the steel cables on the side holding a 200lbs+ steel garage door. We offer free estimates and help over phone, please do call. Absolute Garage Doors of Riverside, 951-801-2558. Now offering Military and Senior Discounts!!!

Riverside Garage Door Off Track

Featured Review/Testimonial:

Rachel S. Riverside, CA

“Our garage door wouldn’t close properly, so we tried reopening and reclosing it several times and it just became worse to operate. We started to try closing by hand, but we did notice one of the steel cables on the side of the garage door was hanging, and we knew that was not a good sign. Between 3 of us we could not get the garage door closed. After every time we would get wheel back inside its track, another would fall out on the other side. We gave up, and found Absolute Garage Doors online and called. They came out so quick, for we didn’t want to leave our garage open for that long. We didn’t notice the garage door spring was broken, so when we opened it the cable came off and when we tried to close it, it had no tension on one side of the garage door. We know now to check our garage door daily and annually to prevent these types of damages. Thankfully Absolute Garage Doors was able to fix our garage door. We were scared it was going to have to be replaced. Great knowledge and fantastic service. We look forward to using them lifetime. Thanks Absolute!”