Garage Door PVC Molding – Long Beach

Garage Door wear and tears can be annoying, especially when it supposed to accent and compliment your garage door. By calling Absolute Garage Doors in Long Beach 714-398-8394 we can help you out. The side and top Vinyl Molding is not a necessity to have on a working garage door. However, it does add a smooth nice finishing touch to your garage door. It is optional, not required. Over years of sun damage it can start to tear. Photo below:

Long Beach - bad PVC molding


Don’t let this happen to you. We do offer same day services. The garage door PVC molding comes in white, almond, dark brown, and sandstone to match your door. They are easy to be painted if you desire another color.
The purpose of the PVC molding is to seal the sides and top of the garage door. Overall, it gives a smooth finish touch to the garage door. The seal helps prevent water, dust, and wind from getting inside your garage. Call Absolute Garage Doors in Long Beach 714-398-8394 to get a free over the phone quote to see what works best for you.

Featured Review/Testimonial:

Jerry G. Long Beach, CA

“Changing out this molding is MUST. Over years just cracking and looking bad, we had enough when we were getting bugs and dirt inside our garage.  We thought it came with the door, not separate.  We never thought of looking to replace it. A technician came out to do another job for us and recommended we change it whenever we would like. We shouted ‘NOW!’ This is terrible and we kept pushing it aside. Such a little job that could make a huge difference. Thankfully he had these with him and changed all three sides at a discounted cost. Thanks Absolute Garage Doors.”