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Why can’t my garage door open?

When your garage door opener isn’t working or if there is a power outage, your garage door can still be opened and closed by hand. By calling Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558, we can assist over the phone to help disengage or engage your garage door opener. On your garage door opener, there is a trolley. A trolley has the lever, in which allows the garage door to be “engaged” or “disengaged”. This lever is usually attached to a red rope or string. As you see in the photo below, the top 2 frames show the garage door “engaged”. The red rope needs to be pulled straight down and you’ll see in the bottom frames the lever is “disengaged” from the garage door opener. After it is released and unlocked from garage door opener, you can simply lift the garage door by hand. The garage door should be easy to pick up by one person. If door is too heavy or hard to lift, check a few things. (examples to check. Garage door springs, garage door side cables, another type of inside or outside lock, door on track) If all of those are checked and no failure, but garage door is still too heavy or won’t open, you may need to have your springs replaced. Weak or no tension springs can make it impossible for a person and or a garage door opener to lift. Give Absolute Garage Doors Riverside a call if garage door is too hard to open, 951-801-2558. Schedule an appointment today. Now offering Senior and or Military Discounts!

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Michael.  Riverside, CA

A few nights ago, our garage would not open with our craftsman opener. It was really old and we thought it just died. We were heading out, but both cars were stuck in the garage. We called a few places, but it was close to 9PM. No one could come until the next morning. We called Absolute Garage Doors, and they were kind enough to hear our desperation and helped us out. They asked if we could open it manually, I said, “manually with the opener?” I was not understanding. Then they asked me to do a few steps for them. and WA-LAA! We were able to disable it from opener and open it by hand. We scheduled them to come out and fix our opener the next day. We were a little late with our plans, but so glad we didn’t have to cancel because Absolute Garage Doors was awesome and helped us out at 9:00 PM when no one else would. Thanks absolute!!!

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