Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Riverside

Garage door off track or falling apart? Try preventive maintenance to keep your garage door in a long lasting strong life. Maintenance should be done annually on your garage door. We offer lube and tune specials for your garage door. Call Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-801-2558. We offer senior and military discounts. Our lube and tunes are available same day. Our garage door technicians are readily available to give your garage door a full 9 point inspection which includes:

1) Checking all rollers
2) Lube all ball bearing rollers.
3) Checking all hinges.
4) Lube all hinges.
5) Checking garage door opener.
6) Lube and adjusting if needed, on garage door Opener.
7) Checking weight/balance of garage door.
8) Give Garage door spring adjustment if needed.
9) Check and Lube side and center bearing.

Call Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside 951-801-2558 today to schedule your lube and tune special. We are readily available to perform other services that your garage door may need on the spot. With our inspection we give you a thorough explanation about your garage door and any recommendations that you may need in the future.

Don’t let this happen to your Garage Door.


Riverside Garage Door off Track

Featured Review/Testimonial:

Sally W. Riverside,CA

Our garage door was falling apart and we had to leave. Our car was stuck inside and then this happened. Door was jammed. I now know to get my door checked or even check it myself, rollers, springs, cables etc. This was a nightmare that could have been prevented. Thanks to Absolute Garage Doors, they were able to fix our garage door at a reasonable price. They fixed the weak spring and installed new ones to prevent this from happening again. Thank you Absolute!

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