Long Beach Garage Door Broken Spring

A broken garage door spring is never a good situation. Call Absolute Garage Doors here locally in Long Beach, 714-398-8394 to get you out of this sticky situation. We offer same day and emergency services. Absolute Garage Doors in Long Beach is licensed and bonded. All garage door technicians are readily available to assist ANY garage door need. A garage door can get stuck, not open, or come off track, with a broken garage door spring. Garage door springs are a routinely maintenance need that has to be serviced about every 5-7 years. When you call Absolute Garage Doors here in Long Beach, 714-398-8394 we can help you with what to do in such a situation.


Garage Door Spring Broken


Featured Review/Testimonial:

Dana M. Long Beach,CA

Absolute Garage Doors is an excellent company. Very thorough, professional, and nice. The office scheduled a window for the tech to arrive, and the tech called us within 30 minutes before arriving. The technician who came out, explained everything up front before starting to replace the broken garage door spring. To do the job, it took him about 40 min. He explained other things after the job was completed. Things we didn’t know and were very helpful for the future. He wasn’t in a hurry, he wasn’t rude, he wasn’t trying to get in and out quick. He was very knowledgeable, and very helpful. We recommend them to everyone, as we already have. Thank you Absolute.

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