Garage Door with Windows Brea

Want to make your home more beautiful and more welcoming? Add windows to your garage door! You can add them now, or you can order a new garage door with windows. By calling Absolute Garage Doors in Brea 714-398-8394. We can order you windows for your existing door or you can pick out a new appealing attractive garage door with a decorative windows. We have 19 window selections to choose from that are all unique. Give us a call 714-398-8394 to see which is your best option. Garage door windows allows light into the garage, matches other house patterns or designs, and is more appealing to the eye.


Featured Review/Testimonial:

Tayna Brooks Brea, Ca

“Our existing garage door worked fine. It was about 10+ years old. But we saw neighbors and other house with windows and we liked. We called absolute garage doors in Brea and they gave me both costs for a new door with windows and to add windows to our existing garage door. We just decided a new home investment and to put up new garage doors. The windows bring so much attention compared to before. More of a modern up to date look. And I love it is well lit in the day time. It was a great choice. I like the design we chose and it was only a few days for them to get installed after we had ordered them. They look great!!”


Windows in Garage Door

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