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Tired of opening your garage door by hand? Hassling with the a non operative garage or broken garage door opener? Call Absolute Garage Doors in Long Beach 562-916-3321. Absolute Garage Doors specializes in garage door openers brands such as Liftmasters, Chamberlains, Genies, and Craftsman. Absolute Garage Doors in Long Beach works on mostly all garage door openers as well. A garage door opener is a convenience and an easier way of opening and closing your garage door with a push of a button. However, a garage door needs to be in a good working and well maintained condition. A garage door that is heavy, sticking, not opening and closing smoothly can ruin a garage door opener quickly. Absolute Garage Doors in Long Beach 562-916-3321 will be sure your garage door is in very well great condition for a garage door opener to be installed and working. A garage door opener should last about twenty to twenty-five years. The door should be light, and running smoothly on the tracks. A garage door opener shouldn’t be lifting over 25 pounds of weight. This is where the springs, rollers, and straight door sections come into play.

The rollers, if ball bearing neoprene rollers, should be greased, and checked to be sure they are running smoothly. Black, plastic rollers, should just be examined to be sure no cracks, and still freely rolling. If not, see they are replaced.

Springs. Should be able to hold and lift and close the door easily. The springs is what holds the doors weight and allows the door to be light. The garage door springs may need to be adjusted or replaced when installing a new garage door opener. Again, a garage door opener should only lift 10-25 pounds. No more. Ideal would be 10lbs.

The garage door panels or sections, should have no cracks, and no bends. If so, they should be reinforced with support struts. When the door bends, and starts to crack (due to age, door being hit) the garage door opener has to work harder in pulling a garage door open and closed. This can wear out the garage door opener much sooner.


Garage Door Openers

Openers/Motors for a garage door.


Those are the top three issues to watch out for in order of having a long lasting garage door opener in great working condition. The garage door opener is a convenience and should be well taken care of no matter the brand, size, or type. Absolute Garage Doors in Long Beach 562-916-3321 can help with informing you of which opener is best for you and what kind of condition your garage door should be in.