Riverside Garage Door Spring Check

Having your springs replaced about every 7 years is normal.  Absolute Garage Doors, Riverside,  951-801-2558 recommends our customers to do a yearly check. The garage door should be able to be opened and closed manually (without garage door opener) easily with little or no effort. Give us a call for any service, repair, or new doors. 951-801-2558. The garage door should be able to open and close with little or no effort. A new garage door opens smooth and lightly.  However, just like anything new, things do wear and tear.  Springs may break, or they may just lose tension and help the door little or not at all. Having Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside service your garage door, we will show you the difference. A door with broken or no tension in the springs can cause the door to come off track, bend, tear, or burn out the garage door opener. To do a simple quick test. Have the garage door shut. Release it from garage door opener. Began to try and lift it by hand. It shouldn’t be over 15-20lbs of pressure to open. If so, the garage door springs may need to be adjusted or replaced. Give Absolute Garage Doors, Riverside, a call 951-801-2558.

Riverside garage door spring

Replace or adjust garage door springs

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Garage Door Repair – Don R. Riverside, CA
Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, Ca came out to my house over the weekend and replaced my garage door springs.  Our opener, over 20 years old, just stopped working and we couldn’t open the garage door by hand. My wifes car was stuck inside, and we had no idea why we couldn’t open the garage door by hand after releasing it from our craftsman opener. We contacted Absolute Garage Doors and they came out same day. They showed us our spring situation. The springs were not broken, but they were “shot” or “lost all tension”. I wasn’t 100% clear. I didn’t understand why we had to replace a part that was not broken. My wife told them to do the work. Once it was done. My wife could open and close the door with one hand! I then understood how the springs have just a big part of the garage door opening and closing. Thank you Absolute Garage Doors for your excellent service and expertise.

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