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A garage door could come off track due to a broken spring, cable losing tension, something hitting the door, or the garage door could have been stuck on an object. A garage door in Long Beach had this happen. The spring was broken, and the customer did not know. The top section began to crush as the garage door opener was trying to push and pull, a now, heavy weight door. When the garage door spring breaks, the garage door is no longer a light-weight door. The garage door becomes very heavy. The torsion springs are what makes a garage door open and close with only a few pounds of pressure. This 200+lbs garage door can weigh a lot for a garage door opener to open and close. In this case, here in Long Beach, the garage door cable lost its tension because there was no strength from the garage door spring. The spring was broken, and the customer wasn’t aware. The customer tried closing the door; it was no longer balanced and jammed on one side. In which, the door closes more on one side, than the other, and begins to fold and crack the top section. The top section, and tracks were salvaged. The garage door section or garage door needed to be replaced. The customer wanted a brand new garage door for their home in Long Beach, Ca. Within 24 business hours, Absolute Garage Doors in Long Beach completed the job with replacing the garage door and garage door opener. Absolute Garage Doors, 562-916-3321, was able to do the replacement at an affordable cost.

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