Curb Appeal

We like to think of your garage door as the focal point for your homes curb appeal. Curb appeal is the first thing people see when driving by your home. It is a term that real estate agents use frequently when heping home owners sell their home. Home owners are always looking for a way to up the value of their home. One way to do so is to invest in a new garage door.

The look of new garage doors has come a long way in the last 20 years. Most older homes come with an old style wood garage door, or a basic steel roll up door. Over the years these older garage doors can start to show wear and tear lowering the value of your home.

New garage doors are designed with the intent to make the over all look of the home much nicer. Changing the old garage door that is broken, and dated with a new one that is designed with curb appeal in mind can increase your homes property value. Even better it can give your neighbors or people passing by a first impression that will be impressive.

There are other smart upgrades to consider once you have your new garage door installed, and we have put together a small checklist of things we have found to make the curb appeal of your home shine!

  • Renew your homes color – Painting the whole outside of the home can become expensive, but sometimes a simple power wash to the exterior paint can bring the home back to life. Others have expressed to simply change the color of the trim, giving your home a new fresh look a little different then the neighbors.
  • Light up those upgrades – Some older light fixtures seem to be dull and not that impressive. By updating the lights, and fixtures you can now show off your homes curb appeal even at night!
  • Landscaping – This does not have to be expensive, sometimes the tree shrubs and weeds just need to be cleaned and shaped giving your garden the TLC that it appreciates.
  • Give your front door some color – We know this idea is not for everyone, but sometimes giving your front door just a splash of color can really make the exterior of your home pop in all the right ways.


p>These are just a few quick curb appeal tips that are fairly inexpensive, and your home would love you for. For more on how a garage door can change the look of your families home give us a call at (951)801-2558

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